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Trading Pins for Baseball, Softball and Sports Teams

Durable baseball trading pins used to adorn jackets, hats, and bat bags are just a small sampling for the many uses of these colorful collectors’ items which have also found their ways to stuffed animals, pennants and backpacks.

Trading baseball pins has become one of the highlights of any Little League Tournament. Some would say that the trading is just as much fun as playing the game!

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Ordering Custom Baseball Pins is Easy!

When do I need to order my baseball trading pins?

Order your baseball pins early. You don’t want to be left facing the team at the trading pin ceremony with no pins to trade. If you order early you will avoid any stress and worry due to possible delays caused by shipping problems, customs, or factory backup.

How many baseball trading pins will I need?

The quantity of baseball trading pins you will need depends on the number of tournaments your team will take part in and if those tournaments have a trading pin session. The majority of teams order between 35-50 pins per player. Also, don’t forget to buy extra trading pins for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.

What type of baseball trading pins should I order?

We at The Joshua Connection want your baseball trading pins to be the most desirable at your tournament. Therefore, we recommend the die struck soft enamel pins. These soft enamel baseball pins are thicker and heavier than the etched or printed pins and have a much higher perceived value. Remember that the goal here is to create a pin that all the other teams are fighting to get their hands on. Paying a few cents more for these pins are well worth it.

How do I add trading power to my baseball trading pins?

First, let The Joshua Connection baseball artists create for your team a design that is like no other. Why let the same old artists from the same old pin companies create the same old design? The Joshua Connection offers new and fresh designs! There are other options that will add value to your trading pins. You can add glitter, danglers, sliders, spinners, blinkies and bobbles to add trading power to your team pins.


We have many options, styles and sizes to choose from…please request a quote so we can put together an accurate price for you!