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How do I contact customer service?

Please contact our Customer Service Department via our contact form or by phone at 1-608-868-3619. Our representatives are available Mon.-Fri. 9am – 5pm MST.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is INCLUDED with all custom orders. We also provide free shipping on all orders over $25!

Orders are shipped with US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail or by FedEx. Priority Mail delivery takes 1-3 days, but is not guaranteed by USPS. Orders under $25 will be shipped using USPS Priority mail, with a charge of $4.95 for the package.

How do I report damaged product?

If you receive a damaged item, please contact our Customer Service Department via our contact form or by phone at 1-608-868-3619. Our representatives are available Mon.-Fri. 9am – 5pm MST. Please be sure to include information about what was damaged, your name & address, & your invoice number. We will be happy to assist you in replacing the damaged items.

How do I return an item?

If you need to return merchandise, please contact us via our contact form or by phone at 1-608-868-3619. We are available Mon.-Fri. 9am – 5pm MST. Please be sure to include information about what needs to be returned: the item number(s), your name & address, the reason for the return, & your invoice number. We do not accept returns after 14 days. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All items must be returned in manner they are received. Only our Customer Service Department can authorize the acceptance of returned merchandise. No returned merchandise will be accepted without a return authorization number.

What if I don’t like the pins?

We stand behind our pins 100%. All of our products are inspected during our manufacturing to shipping cycle. If there is any error or defect in the items, it will be corrected at no cost to you.

What should I do after I see the proof sample?

Once you receive the digital proof, carefully review it in detail. Please give special attention to (1) the design you have chosen, (2) the spelling of words you have chosen, and (3) the colors you have chosen. If there are no changes or corrections to your proof, return your approval to us via email. This is your signal to us that the order has been approved. Because we are producing a custom-made product with no market available for canceled orders, an approved order may not be canceled for any reason.

Can I get a sample of my pin before you complete my order?

Yes, this is what we refer to as a “pre-production sample”. Your pin designer can go over the costs with you for this process. If we make samples for you we collect the money for the die fees up front. Most dies fees are 50.00 but can go much higher depending on the size and type of pin. If you cancel the order once the samples are made we keep the die fees. If you proceed with your order then the die fees that we collected will be deducted from your total due.

Can I see a sample of your work?

Yes. Just let our pin designers know when you are getting your quote done and they will send you out a sample done in the process that your pin will be done in.

What kind of pins are the best value?

This will depend somewhat on your design, the number of colors you want, as well as the quality and quantity level you are seeking. It’s best to submit your design and let one of our design experts help you select the correct process.

Which are the best quality lapel pins?

Cloisonné. They are as fine as a piece of jewelry. They are durable and show excellent color separation.

How many colors can I put on a custom product?

We can do printed products allowing us to utilize hundreds of colors. If the pin is stamped out of a sheet of metal colors can only be inserted where the metal is inverted or concave and the metal walls can hold the colors. The normal pin generally has 4 or less colors.

Why is a deposit required to do artwork, if the charge is 100% credited to the order?

We do this for customers that do not want to pay for the custom made product upfront and want to see what the artwork will look like. We charge to protect our investment of time to develop the artwork for your job. When you place your order we credit 100% of the deposit back to your job.

How much do you charge for doing artwork for a custom made product?

There is no charge for our customers. Once you enter your order for a custom made product our designers will work with you to produce exactly what you want. If you decide not to do the custom made product after we have spent time with you doing the artwork, then we will charge you an artwork charge of $50.00.

I have never ordered a custom made product before. Where do I start?

Just click on the Create a Lapel Pin or Create a Medal link, and follow the easy to fill out form and we’ll do the rest.

What about trademarks and licenses?

By submitting your design to The Joshua Connection, you warrant that you have the legal right to reproduce (or have reproduced) any logos or other images associated with your order. You also certify that the production of any images you submit does not infringe on any other person/entity’s intellectual property rights.

How long does it take to make a pin?

Your custom made products will be ready to ship in about 2-3 weeks after the artwork is approved. Please let us know if you require a faster turnaround.

I don’t have artwork but I have an idea. Can you do the artwork for me?

Yes, we have created artwork from many hand-written drawings. We’ll take your artwork in any format and convert it to manufacturing ready artwork.