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Hard Enamel Cloisonné Pins

These pins offer brilliant color and fine, raised-metal detailing. Iron or copper pieces are stamped out and the recessed areas of your custom designed pin are hand enameled and then kiln fired. Each pin is hand polished and then plated. The end result: a truly outstanding product at a very affordable price.

The hard enamel cloisonné pin is also known as Epola, New Cloisonné Clois-Tech, Cloisonné II and Semi-Cloisonné, and Imitation Cloisonné have been in circulation for approximately two decades. Hard enamel cloisonné pins can use over 1,000 colors, are cheaper than traditional cloisonné and are easier to produce although only a qualified pin specialist can tell the difference between hard enamel cloisonné and cloisonné.

Laser Printed Cloisonné

When fine detail and precision are necessary, these pin will make a great pin even better!  We start with the vivid colors of our hard enamel cloisonné and use laser printing to provide sharp detail without any gold borders between colors.

Example Pricing:


We have many other sizes and quantities available. The prices above are example prices only, and will fluctuate based on chosen options. To receive a quote for your specific needs, please fill out our custom order form or contact us at (608) 868-3619.