Our team had a wonderful time at Cooperstown Dreams Park. The kids had some wins and some losses, but overall they had a fantastic week of baseball. If you are not familiar with Dreams Park, it is an amazing facility, and a once in a lifetime experience. Each week during the summer 100 teams of 12U players participate in a tournament. The kids all spend the week living in barracks at Dreams Park, and their families come to visit and watch the games as spectators.

When we got to Dreams Park, as soon as the kids had checked into their barracks, the first thing they did was go out to trade pins with kids from other teams! It was a great ice breaker and allowed them to meet kids from all over the country, while collecting souvenirs and memories. Even siblings got in on the fun, with trading pins of their own.

One of our favorite stories from the tournament had to do with a team of boys from an orphanage in Arizona. They had sponsors who helped fund the trip and all of their baseball equipment, but they did not have any pins to trade. Once our boys found out, they not only gave those kids some of their own pins, they walked door to door and asked everyone they saw to contribute a pin to a boy on that Arizona team. By the end of the week, each of the boys from the orphanage in Arizona had a complete collection of pins from all the teams that participated in the tournament that week. Who thought trading pins could help make that kind of difference?

The pins were great looking and you have some of the best prices on the web. Thank you for the great service from design through delivery.  I hope
we get a chance to do business together again soon.

Alice Holcomb
Bellevue Knights Baseball Club