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Printed Lapel Pins

To create printed lapel pins, an image of your design is transferred from a photograph onto the surface of the metal pin. The offset printed style is used when gradient of color shift is necessary. Using the offset printed process we are able to print images, and camera ready artwork using a 4-color process.

Advantages of printed lapel pins:

* Printed lapel pins offer an exact replication of your design
* Printed pins can be made into custom shapes
* They have a medium to high perceived value
* They are covered with a thin clear epoxy to protect and avoid scratches

Metal Plating Choices: High polished gold, silver, copper and black nickel.

Laser Printed Cloisonné

Laser printed lapel pins are the very best when fine detailing is required.  Boasting nearly unlimited colors with a sharper contrast, laser printed pins are ideal for bringing out the brilliance in your design.


We have many options, styles and sizes to choose from…please request a quote so we can put together an accurate price for you!