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Specialty Pins

The price of every Joshua Connection trading pin reflects the quality workmanship that goes into all of our pins, while providing a great value for the wearer. Contact us today to find out how we can make your vision a reality!

The sought after glitter pin contains highly reflective glitter mixed into the pin’s enamel coating, making the glitter pin an eye-catcher in even modest light. Pin traders love the appeal of the popular glitter pins when looking to make their next deal.


Our dangler pin is essentially two pins in one, with the stylish child pin complimenting the parent pin it dangles from. Both pins are custom designs, bringing added appeal and value to traders who love this style of pin.


Blinking light pins have been a staple of Christmas design pins for years, and the demand for these popular pins inspired The Joshua Connection to create “Blinkies” for just about any need. The blinking light pin contains a small battery powered LED light bulb that flashes on and off, making it a real attention getter. With one or more LED’s adorning these custom pins, the “Blinkie” is one of the higher value trading pins and guaranteed to get attention from other pin traders.


A new twist to our dangler trading pins is the bobble-head pin. The bobble-head trading pin is similar to the dangler, except the child pin is mounted on a spring, allowing it to bop back and forth with the motion of the wearer. Pin traders get a kick out of this creative concept, and rank them high on their ‘must have’ list.


The slider pin is a custom pin that has a slot which allows an attached child pin to slide across the parent pin. See our ballplayer sliding into home or imagine a second or a dragster burning down a quarter mile track. The slider pin is a great addition for any pin trader to have.


The spinner is a child pin mounted to the parent design by a small pin that allows it to spin freely. These cool custom creations are limited only by the imagination, ranging from a screaming fastball to the propeller of your favorite plane. Pin traders love the playful appeal of the spinner pin.


Have a great idea for an animated pin? Contact us to find out what we can do for you!